The Solar App

Make Money Online With the Solar App

Join the Solar Affiliate Program and earn $1000 every referral you send that goes solar.

What is the Credible Solar App?

The Credible Solar App is a place where you can submit solar referrals, people that you know who may want solar panels, and get paid $1000 for every one of those that go solar. Those with solar installed on their property can monitor their panels from the Credible Solar app as well.
Credible Solar works with installers across the U.S., giving you nationwide access to our solar network. By downloading the Credible Solar app and submitting referrals- you'll be helping your community go green, while earning green for your efforts.

How To Get Started With The Solar App

#1 Download the Credible Solar App*

#2 Refer People To Solar Through App

Affiliate marketing in solar energy

#3 Earn $1000 Each Referral That Goes Solar

Make Money Online With Solar

Joining an affiliate solar program while the solar industry is still in its infancy stages is THE smart move to make. As a solar affiliate you will act as a bridge between the solar industry and your community, educating members of your community and referring them directly on the Credible Solar app. The Solar Affiliate Program (SAP) is the new and innovative way for everyday people to participate and make money in solar energy.

*Prefer to use a computer instead of downloading the mobile app? Create an account and then sign into the web portal. It's free to get started and you will be able to track your referrals right through the Credible Solar app or web portal.