Home Energy Backup

Energy Efficiency and Smart Home


Home Backup Generators

Home Backup Generators provide a lot of power for your property. Installing a generator will help your property stay on in the event of an outage.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Installation

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries can store excess energy to overcome net metering challenges and can provide reliable energy if the power were to go out.


Enphase IQ8

Enphase microinverter system that can back your home up without a battery. Limited supplies available.


Smart Home Monitoring

Control and monitor your home remotely from your smart phone or device with the Sense energy monitoring installed to your breaker box.


Solar Monitoring

Download the Credible Solar app now and monitor your solar panels through our app.


Smart Thermostat

Control your Air Conditioning and Heat Remotely with a Smart Thermostat.


App Download

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